Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wake up India !!

Today the trend in India is 11th , 12th science group , BE (CSE/ECE/EEE/IT) and getting into TCS/Infy/Wipro/CTS .. If you ask any youth in Chennai or Bangalore the probability of him getting placed or working in the afore mentioned companies are high. There are lots of young talented people go for 30K salary and spoiling their career. Of course some of them realize soon in one or two years they come out by going for higher studies and after that they again go back and join in same kind of jobs. So only for money purpose this higher education helps.
Simple analogy, I am giving my clothes to dhobi wala. There are two reasons behind this. One is I am not capable of washing clothes well, second is I know how to wash well but I have better works to do than wasting time to wash clothes. Second reason is what U.S has!! US \ UK companies have plenty of resources to code but still they are outsourcing their low level jobs to India. They do not want to waste time on these jobs. It is fine because of this we are improving our status but among ourselves. World is clever enough to get work done from India. They say ‘India’s forte is software’ because of those stupid people we blindly become experts in this. By the way to be frank if we say we are experts in software then we do not know what is software itself!!
Mathematics is the queen of science. Today’s every development in modern science Mathematical model playing a vital role. Starting from Trigonometry, Number theory etc.. every aspect of mathematics was developed by Indians. Chess is one of the games which uses logics extensively and Our Viswanath Anand is the best in that !! Such a great country still does not get freedom!!
Leave about our generation . Because most of us are sinking in this ship. At least we need to develop the master attitude in our next generation. We should be the masters and not the slaves.
English people respect Mathematicians than any other professionals. We have plenty of Mathematics skills. I request Indians should work on traditional subjects more and get our own place in the world. Everyone knows the afore mentioned words. But as a famous proverb “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die “ . We need to impart a bit superiority complex in youth. We can call it as Indian chauvinist or Indian Patriot !! We should not care.. India should come up!! If IITians (B.Tech) wish to pursue higher studies in India then IITs / IISc would be top 10 universities in World.

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