Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About IIIT B'ans

College interaction
The following are purely based on my interaction with people.
Ramayya: - We call him as Kami. I do not know why !! But I enjoyed my 2nd semester with him in WAN class.
Abishek Chourasia: - Laughing Buddha. I interacted with him during OS project. He laughs and make others laugh.
Abhishek Shrivatsava :- I interacted with him during IMS project. He does not come to lab properly but during viva time he is the savior of our team.
Ajay Pratap Singh :- Junior Murugan Sir. Bishop of IMS lab. (No need to describe more than this !!!)
Akash :- My co-actor in skit. Highly energetic and motivating personality.
Amartya :- True helper . One day I lost my key , he gave his room .. one day I lost my key he gave his lock and key … Spiritually I interacted with him by talking about Vivekananda .. he is a ‘sadhu’ of our class !!
Amit :- I have not interacted with him a lot but his questions make to think in the class.
Anenth Guru :- Here comes to our P C Sriram of IIIT Bangalore. Nice person and very consistent performer and down to earth.
Ankush :- Future Chennai wala !! Talented person that’s why he is first job holder of IIIT B
Anubhav : I have not interacted much but When ever I call him abhinav nanda that time only he talks to me ‘I am anubhav’…
Anurag :- Robotics batch mate . Calm person according to me and sudden impulse we can expect from him.
Anvesha :- Strict and Sincere personality. What else we can expect from a good leader.
Aparana :- A Good manager and communicator.
Arighna :- He is an honest person who never gives up his principles.
Arijit :- Physicist or Network engineer or Guitarist !!! Yes he is good in all. He is a gentleman.
Arvind Kumar :- Romantic Hero !!  (This conveys everything about him)
Ashish Surana :- Pet student 1 of Prof. K .L .S Sharma. Very difficult to convince him. Try it !! you will loose most of the times.
Atul :- All rounder of IIIT Bangalore. Academics , Music , Humanity etc..
Vikram B N :- Perfect amplifier. Less input more output !!
Balakrishnan :- Real researcher of M.Tech 2008. Highly disciplined and Paper boy of our college.
Bhanupriya : Traditional and taciturn.
Bhupendra :- Awesome in cooking. Most of the people come to his room for this. He works very hard in academics .
Chandrasekar : DSP guy !! Very rigid !! and posses child-like behavior.
Deepak :- Straight forward means Deepak. Student of Prof.Rao and Prof.Prasanna. Intelligent and smart person. Future computer scientist .
Deepshika : Robotics , WAN and IMS class mate.German university trained girl.
Seema :- When u need suggestions ask this girl she can give frank suggestions. Boldness is her forte.
Digvijay :- GE Man. Silent but some time sarcastic. His sarcastic comments are awesome and unexpected/
Dilshad :- Lots of information he possesses. Whatever be the topic he joins and involves.
Hema : Noida !! I have seen her pic in Gtalk and showed by my friend.. Changed a lot !!
Gururaj :- Perfect entertainer !! Take-it-easy character. Nice to interact with him.
Harika : I had good interaction during technical communication class. Speaks softly with me. I do not know how she talks to her friends :)
Neha : Good Dancer and Choreographer !! She sleeps in the class some times even in Srao sir class and manages to do well in academics. Great thing !!
Jagdeesh : Finds logic in everything.
Rakesh :- My doubt solver in the class.
Vanoj :- Nice person . His room is occupied most of the times by 4 to 5 andhra people.
Vishal :_ Pet student 2 of KLS Sharma sir. Best volunteer.
Karthik :- SAC , Great Leader , manager etc.. My good friend and movie partner.
Karunakar : Interesting person who comes to college rarely and interact with many in the short time.
Kavitha :- M S Subbulakshmi of our college (singer).
Keertika : Technical communication we played drama together. Great experience. I have never expected that good performance from her.
Komail : First Linux installer of our batch . Awesome photographer.
Kranti : Good friend of many. Never hesitates to interact with people.
Krishna Chandu :- ‘Krishna’ of our college
Nivedita : My robotics project mate. Sincere some times and over sincere some times. Pet of Prof.J.B
Lava : Good thing from him is he never takes things to the heart. (Most of the Andhra people are like this so we generally like you guys)
Sai Raghava :- Bruce lee of our college. Most energetic person.
Vinay :- Balaya of our college.He is very humorous and interactive person.
Madhuri : My snake dance partner in the ragging session !! When she talks to her mom in the bus the entire bus can listen :)Her potential was shown in summer sem.
Mahesh :- Sound thinker and great communicator.
Mamta : Dynamic girl.
Manish : The singer of our floor. His voice soothes us.
Manoj : A GE Man who talks less to less people is his principle .
Zaid : China Man and talented person who tackled Adobe interview which ran for 6 hrs.
Mujahid : When you are far he is like a villain when you move close to him he is a good man.
Nabila : She has worked under the leadership of two of my friends. Their words “When she gets work she completes it as BEST as possible“.
Nikhil : My ‘automation , Infosys-canteen’ friend. Calm and composed.
Navajeevan : The chanakya of Andhra people.
Padma : Stylish girl.
Pankaj : We will gain something out of him in every meeting.
Pradeep : Tries to solve problem well. I got some help from his in computer related stuffs.
Prabeed : Allu arjuna of our college.
Rajagopal : My friend as well as my brother. Talented , Brilliant , Intelligent any adjective can fit to this personality.
Rashmi : She talked in the placement with proper points. Many people admired. Great work.
Ravindra : Hard worker and sincere.
Reena : Altruistic , Generous girl.
Romil : First person who targeted the senior from the day one and freshers party is the ultimate.
Ruchit : Oh my god !! I have never seen such a personality who has full of energy (Unlimited) and follows artificial intelligence algorithms. It means he changes his style of talking according to the listener.
Jyothi : I could not stop laughing when mahabala sir pulling her legs during project demo. Actually i should have not done that but she some how managed that old man.
Sai Monaj : Bera Sir and Balaji Sir student !! Do you need more to say than this ?
Salone : One of the top class programmers of our college
Sandeep : We feel energetic after we talk to him.
Sanket : Any time Any help with free service is his tag line !!
Sara : Automation team mate who appreciates Sharma sir’s every move.
Sarat : Think big !! Achieve big is his motto. Achieving is in progress. All the best
Saurabh : I like to pinch chubby cheek . I do with him.
Shailesh : Experienced Fresher. Experience in work and sincere worker like fresher. Need to learn more from him.
Shubha : Gold medalist.
Sidharth Anand : Quick learner and be careful with him. He can hack your network.
Sidharth : His heart is proportional to his body. Multi lingual person. Very sincere to his girl friend.
Smruthi : Refer about ‘SARA’
Sneha : Quiet when we do not interact but when we talk to her, she talks pretty well.
Sri Harsha : Very difficult to comprehend this person. Some times too HARSH and some times SRI (lakshmi , soft).
Sunanda : Be careful when we talk to her in public. She never hesitates to insult or pull our legs. Good girl.
Sumanth : Yeah , Yeah man. Decent personality.
Surya : My electrical and electronics doubt solver.
Suvarna : One of the paper publishers of our college
Swapnil : ‘Roobaroo’ . Great guitarist.
Sweta : SAC !! Cleared 5 hrs of ADOBE interviews !! 4 pointer except in summer sem. Boldness !!
Syed : Generally our respect on few people increases as we interact he is one among of the few.
Balki : The Placement Man !! He is like a knife . He behaves according to how we behave with him.
Mohan : OS Project lead !! Sincere and hard worker , tries to make his team mate to do well.
Ravi : Thinks well and Talks well.
Vanamali : If you want to prove him wrong you must be strong !!
Veeresh : Quiet , hardworking and intelligent.
Venkat : 0.5 * Ruchit + 0.5 * Rajagopal
Srinivasa Reddy : Questions a lot and some questions lead to some controversy.
Vinod : DBA !! Inoutics , IIIT and now I2 … all starts with I but he never uses ‘I’ that much humble
Viswanath : Prof Srinath sir student and hope he does some thing meaningful. !!
Zoib : Matured child 
Youvedeep : The boy who tackled toughest person :)

Some of the names i might have missed out , please let me know


Prasanna said...

I donno anyone other than u. But ur efforts and compilation are laudable. thats y Jithu is different. :)-

Siddharth Anand said...


AgentHunt said...

Jithu: ->If you talk to him for few mins and you don't crack up consider yourself to have zero sense of humor.
->"The Junior Mahabala".
-> He can easily make a career in Acting.
-> Equation guru.
-> Always trying to question and reason everything.
->Outside the messy exterior there is a calm, thoughtful person.

The list can be as big as the number of students in our batch.
I think others can help me here. :)

chandrashekhar said...

oi me....rigid......naaah.....but great effort.... something about everyone......things to cherish

jithendrian said...

Thanks Sid Anand !!
@ Shailesh :- Boss !! When are you coming ? On that day i will talk to you in person.We will solve the issue :)
Chandru : DSP Guy is followed by very rigid .. It means you are very keen in getting into DSP and you are not flexible to go for any software development :) It is a compliment dude.

Mamta said...

Wow...This was great ... and what about you?? Ok lemme say.

Jithu : True scholar.. with evident influences of Mr. narayan murthy and Prof. mahabala ( in a good way :) ) , someone who would stand up to his point - highly opinionated with inclination towards music and a travel freak. :)

Venkata said...

Dude. You mean I have nothing original? Damn! I'm disappointed.

ANKUSH said...

Truly Jolly character. Mahabala's sir best mate. brilliant post jithu.. :)

kosmos said...
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amartya said...

Gr8 to see this. We all interact with each other and make friends but its only u who really takes d time out and write about every one. A nice moment to cherish.

By d way dude i can never 4get dat pathetic timing of ur jokes in prof. Das's class :)

jithu-> kaamal hasan of our college(tho i hav 2 be d chachi :D)
->beware!! really hav some "pathetic" but awesome timings of throwing jokes.(again i'm 1 of d worst victims)
->always ready with an answer
->brain of a scientist

jithendrian said...

@Mamta : - Thanks for considering me as a scholar. I thought ABB has done that mistake !!! :) Now I will reconsider ABB judgement!!

@Venkata : Dude, The only one single line testimonial i could write for you is this. Combination of some great qualities of great people !!

@Ankush : Thanks!! 'Mahabala sir best mate' !! :) Thats the best

@Deepak : In normal situation people show their only one side.

@Amartya : Pathetic jokes !!:) I have your lock and key :)
' brain as scientist' !!! Ok I will return the lock and key

Sweetu said...

Lovely Post Jithu... You forgot one person.. Shud I tell u the name????

Abbas said...

Amazing memory and observation prowess Jithu. When we look back as years go by,this blog will remind us of everyone and their trademarks :)

Sweetu said...

reading this blog after a long time today actually reminded me of IIITB nd our batchmates :) :) ....

kosmos said...

Jithendrian should become a historian. Or a biographer. This blog is like an ageing wine.