Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hardwork , Intelligence ,Smartness ,Focus proportion !!

Let I = intelligence
S = smartness
H = hard work
F = focus or concentration. Goal oriented
Given these parameters, surviving in this world or sustaining
Su = f (I, S, H,F)
Su = a* I + b * S + c * H + d * F;
Where a + b + c + d = 1;

it means when a man wants to survive in this world , which is the right proportion to survive. I assume in this blog surviving = sustaining.
Consider somebody says a, b, c, d, e are all equal for a man to lead survive in all conditions.
Su = 0.25 I + 0.25 S + 0.25 H + 0.25 F;
Let us define each parameter
Intelligent: - Intelligent, here referred as raw talent which means no prior trained mind to work on a problem .An intelligent person ,here can also be defined as a person who has bare minimum knowledge about the concept but he is brilliant enough to partially solve the problem based on some logical deduction and analytical mind.
Smartness: - Smartness , This is also referred as having good networking skills etc..If a problem is given to him , first he finds who are all the person he can contact and complete the work without working hard and without using his intelligence much.( Intelligence means Pure intelligence, Hard work means pure hard work because getting work done also need bit intelligence  and bit hard work ) .(Some people define smartness as riding on others back :) )
Hard work: - Hard working person is referred as a person who are laborious. If a problem is given to him he sincerely starts working for hours and hours , finally completes using his little intelligence and smartness.
Focus: - Focused Person here referred to a person who concerns about the result. His focus is full of completion of work in time with minimum intelligence, smartness and hard work.
Readers can suggest and readers can give few more parameters and definitions.Even i would be happy if readers give the new definitions for what i consider as intelligent , hard work, smart and focus.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are we doing RESEARCH ????

When I was supposed to do my research for my research elective course , i started with wireless networks which is my area of research. I started studying about wireless , suddenly went through electromagnetic waves , then i went through particles , then light waves, micro waves , x-rays , gamma rays etc.. and finally start analyzing about thought waves . Started thinking philosophically about out thought process. The day over !!
Next day i left that issue and started with networking , then transmission, reception etc.. I started with hardware related to transmitter , i read about network processor then started studying about micro processor which reminded me my BE 3rd year. Then i started going through instruction sets , registers etc.. Then i took Morris Mano for Digital Circuits and went through Registers, Flip flops etc.. In turn it directed me Basic electronics for BJT and Semiconductor Physics ... While going through Semiconductor Physics , started thinking about silicon molecules , proton,electron etc... i was thinking where was my wireless networks !!!
Research are generally classified into 3 broad categories

1. Researching on Good ideas
2. Researching on Implementing good ideas
3. Researching on studying the feasibility of idea

But according to one of teh researchers in an article mentioned that any great research should fall in above three categories and not one of teh three categories.

I realized - Research is not just searching for new ideas... it is a concentrated thinking process to produce a great idea as a result with input as all technical fundas .. !!!

I started working on wireless networks only. I derived some 2 pages derivation and wanted to experiment but i could not practically implement even 20 % of what i had done theoretically. Then i realized “Giving ideas are easier than implementing Ideas”. There are humongous amount of stress in research and it is very difficult to come up with idea + implementation . Research need not be only in technical side , people can do research in any field. My experience is with respect to technology. My sincere suggestion /request to people who are in the shadow of research “please do not say we are doing research , please tell we are trying to do research unless we are not implementing good idea ”. My friend Balakrishnan always says whenever i discuss with him a new idea , his first words are "Check whether is it practically possible or implementable ? , If not try to find out why can't we implement this". That time i always get irritated why he is always defending me but later i realized he is correct !!

Finally , last but not least there are 90 % of the people are normal in this world and 10 % of the people are living in their own world , in that 5 % are mad and 5 % are research people !!! I do want to live in my own world i don't know in which 5 % :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Other-Religion-Region-Race-gender phobias (OR3G)- Dangerous to have!!!

This is one more my frank topic

Other-Religion-Region-Race-gender phobias (OR3G)- Dangerous to have!!!
This passage is for the people who like a situation based on either region or on religion. One of my cousin Sunder, he asked me a question
"if u become a teacher and u can get a muslim student like Abdul Kalam and a christian student like Newton, in that situation what would u do ? will u reject??"
That was a great awakening question . Do not mistake me as an hindu extreamist i am just a foundamentalist who follow basic tradition .
There are incidences which made me to write this

Why i am too biased !!!
I studied in proper Brahmin school. I was surrounded by almost brahmins and brahmin-like people which means even they were not brahmins they use to
tell slokas ... So i thought the entire world is full of Brahminism :). Whereever i went i saw only people who had brahmin shades.Ofcourse My home
is very orthodox only Brahmin can enter into kitchen etc... I was in the misconception that i was very fortunate that i belonged to a great community and
i slowly realize that people start identifying
me based on my symbols in my fore head rather than ME.I thought it was good.Then in my college . I chose Meenakshi Sundararajan Engg. College where many people were brahmins.
I was very comfortable and start liking the college. So Rather than a community,Brahminism has become my principle !! Then i joined in Hexaware again some of my friends are brahmins and i started moving comfortably.
In IIIT B also the same problem , i have good relationship with spritual people + brahmins.

One more i wanted to add in this,My friend in my Office (He is non-tamilan) , he always criticize tamil
I always support Tamil.Slowly it has stored in my mind that i should be very close to Tamil people rather than others. So whenever other State people started talking about their region/language i got tensed.Then i realized i was suffering from Region phobia too !! Ofcourse thanks to God that i have nature that i can move with anyone but to a limit.

Now whenever i browse through the net for PhD (incase if i want to do in future) . I go through website and seeing professors profile. If i come across any Christian or Muslim Professor ,
my mind unconsciously start thinking that how could i survive with those people , my culture is different from theirs. This is irrespective of the qualification of the professors.
My brain says it is bad but my heart let me to think like this !!!

My mind now ...

I always chat with people who are different.Last month when i was travelling in a train i wanted to talk with diff. kinds of people. Two people asked me "Are you a Brahmin ??".I noded 'Yes'.Then they started talking about Brahmin related things.I got into the same kind of people than different kind.
Nowadays i am getting so many friends from other caste , religion or region so i am comfortable to mingle with people. Now i could analyze in depth that that i should not be biased based on religion because what if i was born in US ? i could be a christian .

I want to know whether the reader of this blog has found already such a kind of scenarios in his/her experience or from others.If so we will find the full-remedy for this issue !! Some people can be uncomfortable with other religion people , some people with other region , some people with other race (it also can come under region) and other gender(This is for people who hesitate or shiver to talk to other gender)

How to come up ??

The comments for this blog can be helpful for the people who are suffering from any one of the Other-Religion-Region-Race-Gender phobias. I can coin this as OR3G phobia !! (Ofcourse i have only 1 or 2 phobias ). Please share your thought on this.

P.S :- This is my frank blog .. so whatever i had in my mind i wrote , i REQUEST people SHOULD NOT mind :)