Friday, May 1, 2009

Life at IIIT Bangalore

Life at IIIT Bangalore

I am 24 years old. What I had learnt in my first 23 years is relatively lesser than what I have learnt in IIIT Bangalore in this 1 year. I am not exaggerating things. Anybody who leaves home and spends time in hostel first time would think as how I am thinking. The ‘hostel’ life, the ‘away-from-home’ experience etc… will not change your personality completely but at least you can realize the importance of your personality and behavior.


Before coming here I thought education depends purely on one’s ability to learn. But now I realize education is not what you learn. Education is applying your learnings. This is the crucial part of IIIT Bangalore. Reading hundreds of pages for examination will not help but reading some fundamental concepts with ten pages will definitely help. In UG the quantity of reading is proportional to grade and now quality is proportional to grade.


In IIIT B , it is relative grading. This ‘dog-eat-dog’ world one can go up at the cost of others growth. Relative grading is like ‘dog-eat-dog’. Here everyone knows we may lose grade because of our close friend. Still we help each other irrespective of losing grades. Whenever we are in trouble there are always at least 5-10 people who can console us. Networking is the crucial part of life I had learnt in IIIT B.


Humbleness, Discipline, Succinct and apt answers to question, Students friendly these are all the qualities of professors here. Professors are not only professionals besides that are also a role model for young generation. “Acharya devo bavha” .Thats the culture of IIITB. I think in my UG also there are so many dedicated teachers now I am realizing.


Projects are not just simple assignments here. It carries almost 20-50 % of your grade. I realize it is easy to work as an individual but it is very difficult to work as a team.


Whenever we fail in doing something here we may feel bad at that moment. Later the next super fail convert the previous fail small. This is what we have to learn. It is not a big thing when you are not happy in success but it is big thing when you are not sad in failures. Experience of failure strengthens our heart and mind. This is the formula!!!


I conclude this article about ‘life at IIIT Bangalore’ that I am happy to have made the decision of doing my PG. I am fortunate that I am in IIIT Bangalore and I am not fortunate to be in other institutes.