Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are we selfish for some one dies !!!

I am just an event. I am generally considered as worst event.The people who love this world hate me and the people who hate this world love me.Some people say i am the last event but some philophers and spritual leaders say i am just an event which transforms one form to another. - Yes ,i am death !!!

A bit selfishness when we cry for someone who dies !!!

When a person dies, do we worry ?? no , it depends on the person. If he is a terrorist - we think "yes his death is needed for the society" , if he is an ordinary person whom we do not know , we feel sorry but when it is very affectionate people or role model dies we cry and do worry for days. Why ?? .. we cry because we are loosing something. If our role model, or take an actor dies we would think god he has given so many good movies he will not give further !!! if a terrorist dies .. "abba... he died and we are safe here after !!!. So the emotions we are showing after any one's death is selfish.Do not blame me please think ... how many times we cried when there were bomb blasts... when i was in hexaware training in jul 2006 (Mumbai bomb blast) ,there were 100s of mumbaians in my training. Most of them worried. At first it was just a news to me once i realized that my close friend’s neighbor was killed i started worrying because my close friend cried. My close friend has done so many things and my sub-conscious provoked me to worry because he was crying. We do so many rituals to our ancestors, because we need to get their ashirvath (blessings).. we do rituals because we should not get their cursings !! in either way again it boils down to selfishness !

We must be selfish sometimes !!!

About Selfishness

Ok !!!Generally people say do not be selfish. Do you think altruism is good. I mean some one spends his life for others is good. It is also bad. Let me give you an example :- a person let us take his name as "Karna" spends his whole time for others in the village. Karna is an influential person.There is a reputed college in that village.Only one seat is available.His son wants to get into a college. Another person "Ram" who is a best friend of Karna comes to karna and asks him to help by providing that seat to his son. Karna agrees and gets that seat for Ram's son. Consider both his son and ram son scored almost equal marks.The entire village appreciates Karna. Consider Karna is a humble person who does not do things for appreciation. Do you think he must be appreciable ? no absolutely not. Because he has betrayed his son , family and himself and future generation of him etc... in the name of altruism. Selfishness is needed for a human being and he should get what he wants. Do not encourage people who do things for others without considering him and his family. If you come across such person please suggest or advice him to first take care of his people and then ask him to consider others.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Siblings must be more respected than Parents

(This is to people who have affectionate brother / sister and This would be harsh for people who love parents Even i love my parents and siblings)

I am youngest of all in my home . I have an elder brother and an elder sister. . But i would say if a mother or father shows affection on us it is mandatory on the other hand if brother / sister shows affection that is optional.Love your brother and sister more than your parents.

Generally Parents' biological and mental satisfaction leads to a child.It is their duty to show affection towards the child. They should take care of child. The same way since they show their affection it is the child's duty to show affection towards parents. This is a conditional affection. Think about a situation where a brother/sister showing affection towards a person. In what way and why should they show affection. Please do not think its a blood relation. Yes of course , but when they show it is an amazing thing and fortunate thing we should respect.

Finally i conclude good siblings should be respected more than best parents !!!