Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Siblings must be more respected than Parents

(This is to people who have affectionate brother / sister and This would be harsh for people who love parents Even i love my parents and siblings)

I am youngest of all in my home . I have an elder brother and an elder sister. . But i would say if a mother or father shows affection on us it is mandatory on the other hand if brother / sister shows affection that is optional.Love your brother and sister more than your parents.

Generally Parents' biological and mental satisfaction leads to a child.It is their duty to show affection towards the child. They should take care of child. The same way since they show their affection it is the child's duty to show affection towards parents. This is a conditional affection. Think about a situation where a brother/sister showing affection towards a person. In what way and why should they show affection. Please do not think its a blood relation. Yes of course , but when they show it is an amazing thing and fortunate thing we should respect.

Finally i conclude good siblings should be respected more than best parents !!!


SHUBHA said...

gud n different post!! u r original :)

nikhil said...

You are right Jithu, but parents being elders than sibblings do make lot of influence. So they have to be specially respected for that.

Kaushik said...

By the same logic, trustworthy, loyal friends should be loved as much as (if not more than) parents. Kind of what I follow, since I dont have siblings anyway. :)

jithendrian said...

yes i know about you kau ... you generally can compromise parents for friends ... that shows your affection on friends which is as par as respecting siblings !!! provided that friend as you said should be loyal :) i am respecting you some times more than my bro and sis !!!

jithendrian said...

Nikhil , yes i agree , i want to project the importance of siblings

Karthik.R said...

Quite sentimental post.

I am a person who try to get rid of affection towards any one (Though I couldn't do it fully).

But I would like to counter argue with the following points.

1. Parent-Child is the relation which has zero jealousy but not that of siblings

2. Our perception of sibling relation will vary after the demise of our parents.

3. Lot of brothers have problem after marriage. In most cases, a boy's wife is not going to have good terms with the boy's sister eventually a problem between the boy and sister(Enna dhan unakku akkanaalum un pondaattikku ava naathanar dhan). It is seen in almost all families. I pray it doesn't happen in Jithu's case.

4. Sibling relations will be fine only till all of them live in almost same status(economically).

Hope I will get lot of bashing from you all as reply :)

jithendrian said...

1. Parents / Child is zero jealousy ... If your right hand gets prize left hand will not stop because both are ours... the same way we were spawn from our parents .. For them we are the part of them ... so their heart/mind never allow them to get jealously

2. If your siblings are affectionate then you can consider them as parents after the demise of parents

3. If boys wife starts thinking that there is a problem , it does not need to be sister-in-law only , it can be with mother-in-law also

4. May be good observation. I have not come across that situation yet.

Anyway thanks Karthik , the post is mainly meant to show the importance of affectionate siblings

Karthik.R said...

one more Vikraman ;)

Kaushik said...

@ Karthik.R
Dont worry, Karthik. We all know Jithu is kedi-enough to not jeopardise relationships involving his wife or sister. Besides, his sister is semma sweet, so I can only pray that he gets a good wife. :D

sunandapregada said...

I would extend your thought...
It is important to respect every one, need not be your sibling and parents you are affectionate there is no point of showing externally that you respect either your parents or your blood relations.

If the case is with your cousins, yes if they are affectionate towards you then it automatically comes need not express...the vibes are natural.

I would partially agree with Karthik that one cannot quantify how much one can respect...another...

It is a natural instinct...
Concluding what I say is that try and respect everyone! Love everyone! :)

jithendrian said...

Hi Sunanda ,many people can catch our eyes but only few can catch our heart ... we always like people catch our eyes and love people who catch our love everyone is theoretically possible , but practically impossible :) i agree it can not be quantified thats why it is called as abstract noun in english .. love is relative term , thats why when foreigners are affected by swine flu its just a news but when bangalorians are affected it is more than a news !!!

Sundar said...

Good thought bro!

Parents play a pivotal role in a child development by fostering co-operation. Many parents are great, but believe the world is very competitive and teach that to their kids. This creates 'Win at all Cost' mentality even between siblings. How could one compete and be selfless at the same time?

The opportunity for brotherhood presents itself every time you meet a human being.