Monday, June 29, 2009

Symbols change our mood and Idols are not just stones!!!

I am a Hindu theist. One day when i was going from Bangalore to Chennai, I met a person name is Ravi with long hair and moustache, red color shirt and black color pant. I put thiruman. (Thiruman, a kind of symbol, Iyengars (a division in Brahmin) put in forehead. \I/)He asked me why I was using these symbols, symbols never change value of human. Suddenly we came across a temple; I stopped listening to him and prayed for a moment. He got angry, he asked me again and again. I thought I would be in trouble and I thought myself ‘If I don’t answer I will get one slap, if I answer i will get two slaps’ so I was quiet. He again asked how can an idol change human mood or behavior. Its after all set of stones !! Still I was quiet . He was talking about his view on Hinduism. Finally he concluded that ‘Hinduism is not a religion it is a Foolism. It fools everybody. You people are falling in that trap ‘. This time I could not tolerate because he attacked my fundamental principle. I was quiet till then because I did not have counter points.

We reached a hotel 200 Kms from Bangalore, by the way we became friends!!. We had dinner together. Ravi started again but this time I said first let us have dinner then we would talk. Actually I indirectly requested him for time to answer to him. Waiter came with bill, instead of 45 Rs it is mentioned 65 Rs. Ravi got irritated and shouted at waiter. Waiter went and changed the amount by changing 65 to 45 . He left his newspaper there. I told him but Ravi said no need to take. We went back to our seats .

Ravi was preparing for sleep . I called him
Me :- hi , I have answer for your question, do you want to listen ?
Ravi :- yeah , but it should be convincing , do not use spiritual terms or quotes from Vedas, I have already read so many things
Me :- no , its just an analogy
Ravi : ok carry on
Me: - Why did you shout at waiter ?
Ravi :- where ?
Me :- in the hotel
Ravi :- because instead of 45 he has made bill as 65
Me:- good a small change in symbol ‘6 instead of 4’ spoiled your mood am I right?
Ravi :- yeah , but 65 is more valuable than 45 .So I was upset.
Me:- yeah, same way for us this ‘Thiruman’ symbol which changes our mood positively.
Ravi :- Oh.. you came to the point !!
Me :- now let me ask you another question , why did you leave your newspaper in that hotel ?
Ravi :- because it is yesterday’s paper
Me:- Do you have change for 100 Rs.
Ravi :- yes , here it is ..
I was about to tear that note.
Ravi :- are you a mad ?
Me :- No , it was an old paper.
Ravi :- Now I understood where you are coming . Good answer!!

Moral :- Whether you are an atheist or theist , hindu or muslim , please do not try to demolish the belief others have .


Reena said...

Wow its was really superb post!The way u explained Ravi is quiet appreciable.Good going Jithendrian..

dewdrops said...

hey the way you handled Ravi was really nice.You told him what you felt without getting angry and so patiently.commendable!!

Kaushik said...

Neenga engeyooo poitteenga saar...

amartya said...

good! I really appreciate. This is the correct way to let people understand their mistakes rather than shouting and fighting. In this regard I want to tell u a true story. you may know about this. Anyway, when Swami Vivekanada was invited by the king of Almorah, the king asked "why do u hindus are ideol worshippers its nothing but a stone?" He said it in a sarcastic way and also he was a non beleiver in God. To his answer Swamiji replied "Its man's own beleif. Every man has their own way of believing and realising God". But this answer did n't satisfy the king. He again taunted and said "hindus take a stone make it a diety and prays infront of it what fools they are!" Now, Swamiji told one of the king's close associate to bring down the huge oil painting of the king which was hanging in one side of the wall of a big hall. The person carried out the order. The next thing what he did was something which nobody was prepared for. He ordered that person to spit on the painting. The whole audience inside the hall were stunned. Even the kings face was red on anger, the person standing his head down. Swamiji again said "go ahead spit on that". But the person didn't carry out the order. Then Swamiji turned to the king and said, "Highness, it's just a picture not even u but this man still can't spit on it. becoz it is showing ur image. ur people love and respect that and in that image they can see u! that's the only reason why this man can't carry out my orders! the same thing happens to us hindus. somebody finds it as a piece of stone and some can see God Himself in that stone". From that very moment the king understood the rationality behind this and later on he also beleived in God and also became a big fan of Swamiji.

jithendrian said...

Thanks for your comments. I will write few more like this happened in my life

Muralidharan said...

Nice one dude!!