Monday, November 23, 2009

Do we need Generalist or Specialist ?

Today when ever we come across a prof. or great people , some people say they are expert in Networks , some say they are expert robotics, some say they are expert in Software Architecture. But there are people who can not say that they are expert in a particular field. In simple English term Jack of all but master in none.

Let me tell about my friends, One who is highly talented and great mathematician , who always says that he wants to work in Digital Signal Processing and Communication kind of jobs eventhough he can do anything , he restricts himself to certain technologies and other friend who is not as highly talented as the former but he never restricts himself to certain domain or technology. He does whatever job given to him excellently. Who is better compare to these two ??? Both are best ofcourse, but relatively as an employer or third person i would prefer the later.If i am employer of high profile jobs in DSP or Communication i would prefer the former (This is rare case).

There are some universities which expect students to learn breadth of the engineering and technology.There are some universities which expect students to learn depth of the engineering and technology.

Breadth Knowledge :- Here it is defined as mediocre knowledge in all subjects. The main advantage to this is people can shift their profiles then and there whether it is good or not , i do not know. People can mix and compare the technologies of various subjects and produce some good results. The only problem is they can not be expert in any one of the subjects it may affect their growth in future.

Depth knowledge :- Here it is defined as a excellent about only one subject and its related. The main advantage is competition is very less and they can grow well. Sometime they are demanded for high profile jobs. The main disadvantage is if teh technology / domain goes down or not in well shape , it is difficult for these people to survive.

Over all Breadth knowledge can be reffered as Distributed Computing , Depth knowledge can be reffered as Centralized computing. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Rest, can be filled by the readers ...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stop calling brother / sister ...

In this blog, i disclaim all the examples are real. :)
Whenever we see a pair (ofcourse a boy and a girl) , we assume they are either true friends or lovers. But one interpretaion we missed. Thats they may be biological brother-sister !!. When we realize that this pair is sibbling then we will not comment.This is universal truth. Sometime people exploiting this. Yes, Today it has become a tradition that when a boy and a girl have intimate friendship, themselves call as brother-sister to feel comfortable. I do not know why !! Why can not a boy and a girl be a great friends.Please stop broadcasting that 'We are brothers and sisters'. Sometimes the most irritating thing is when they have 'lover' (I do not want to explicitly tell) kind of relationship ,they call themselves as Brother-Sister. I know , people who tell they have sibbling kind of relationship have weak heart to face the society. so they are doing these things to comfort themselves .One thing i will inform to these kind of pairs, whether you have true friendship or anything , people always view you in their perspective irrespective of your announcement Of course i respect people who have real brother-sister feelings !! But i request you .please do not mind others please carry on your relationships (True friendships) as it is. If you equate the true friendship as brother-sister relationship for others then it is an insult to both friendship as well as relationship !!!