Monday, June 29, 2009

Symbols change our mood and Idols are not just stones!!!

I am a Hindu theist. One day when i was going from Bangalore to Chennai, I met a person name is Ravi with long hair and moustache, red color shirt and black color pant. I put thiruman. (Thiruman, a kind of symbol, Iyengars (a division in Brahmin) put in forehead. \I/)He asked me why I was using these symbols, symbols never change value of human. Suddenly we came across a temple; I stopped listening to him and prayed for a moment. He got angry, he asked me again and again. I thought I would be in trouble and I thought myself ‘If I don’t answer I will get one slap, if I answer i will get two slaps’ so I was quiet. He again asked how can an idol change human mood or behavior. Its after all set of stones !! Still I was quiet . He was talking about his view on Hinduism. Finally he concluded that ‘Hinduism is not a religion it is a Foolism. It fools everybody. You people are falling in that trap ‘. This time I could not tolerate because he attacked my fundamental principle. I was quiet till then because I did not have counter points.

We reached a hotel 200 Kms from Bangalore, by the way we became friends!!. We had dinner together. Ravi started again but this time I said first let us have dinner then we would talk. Actually I indirectly requested him for time to answer to him. Waiter came with bill, instead of 45 Rs it is mentioned 65 Rs. Ravi got irritated and shouted at waiter. Waiter went and changed the amount by changing 65 to 45 . He left his newspaper there. I told him but Ravi said no need to take. We went back to our seats .

Ravi was preparing for sleep . I called him
Me :- hi , I have answer for your question, do you want to listen ?
Ravi :- yeah , but it should be convincing , do not use spiritual terms or quotes from Vedas, I have already read so many things
Me :- no , its just an analogy
Ravi : ok carry on
Me: - Why did you shout at waiter ?
Ravi :- where ?
Me :- in the hotel
Ravi :- because instead of 45 he has made bill as 65
Me:- good a small change in symbol ‘6 instead of 4’ spoiled your mood am I right?
Ravi :- yeah , but 65 is more valuable than 45 .So I was upset.
Me:- yeah, same way for us this ‘Thiruman’ symbol which changes our mood positively.
Ravi :- Oh.. you came to the point !!
Me :- now let me ask you another question , why did you leave your newspaper in that hotel ?
Ravi :- because it is yesterday’s paper
Me:- Do you have change for 100 Rs.
Ravi :- yes , here it is ..
I was about to tear that note.
Ravi :- are you a mad ?
Me :- No , it was an old paper.
Ravi :- Now I understood where you are coming . Good answer!!

Moral :- Whether you are an atheist or theist , hindu or muslim , please do not try to demolish the belief others have .

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things to be taken from Michael Jackson apart from music

World has lost a person who has won almost 2 billion hearts. He is called as king of Pop forever.
His debut to the music is at the age of 11. From then he has served for music society till his death at the age of 50. ‘Dangerous’ is the one of the best selling albums in the world.

Other side of Jackson

One day when Jackson was sleeping, his father Joseph jackson jumped into his room with mask and frightened him. Then he reasoned that he wanted to show how dangerous if mike sleeps with window open. His father tortured him a lot. Mike suffered a lot in child hood. But still he could manage to enter into music industry

In mid of 80’s he suffered from vitiligo. It is one of the worst skin diseases. He tried his level best for plastic surgery but it failed. He never gave up , he continued to do excellent work in music field.

In 1993 , he was accused of child sexual abuse. Jackson started taking drugs to deal with the stresses . Finally he addicted to drugs. He had undergone rehabilitation program.

Overall , Even in the adverse situation a man can do wonderful things . This is what we need to take from Michael Jackson. Mike’s works definitely will be a treasure for music world.

I don’t know much about him. Anyway as a human being this article will be a tribute to this great legend.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Computer networks take off

‘Information is wealth’. Today from womb to tomb (from birth to death) everywhere information is needed. In olden days , homing pigeon acted as a messenger and transfer the message from one place to another . It is wonderful that pigeon finds exactly the route using earth’s electromagnetic field. Actually it is under research how pigeon finds the route.

Human race has been inventing amazing things. In these, invention of semi conductor is one of the greatest breakthroughs in the science and technology. Then PNDiode, BJT, MOSFET, CMOS, GATES, Processors etc.. From this, there are several departments spawned such as Electronics engineering, Signal Processing, Computer Science , Networks , Telecommunication etc . In modern world all are integrated. One of the interesting subjects we can discuss is computer networks. Anyone can communicate to anyone in this world at low cost provided both ends should have communication facilities (internet). How many of us really thought about how our messages are reaching the destination ? how complex the technology which helps us communicate. We will see more on this..


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worst day in my life till now !!!

In Marketing and Strategy class we were asked to present a topic on a telecom company. Our group which consists of Jag , Raki , Kavitha , komail , keerthika , karira , vanoj ,karunakar,Kranti and ‘karthik and me’ . The topic was given on Wednesday and we had to present the topic on Friday. Two days were short.Ofcourse people generally say even if it is seven days we would start from 2 days before the presentation. But my view on this is , a normal human being always starts working last 20 % of the time. But in our case we started earlier on Wednesday night itself.
Karthik and I decided to represent for Group 4. Everyone agreed and we started our presentation work on Thursday Evening. We decided the topic about ‘Vodafone in India’. We thought we had gathered enough information from team members.

Black Friday

On the day of presentation, I and karthik dressed neatly and we were very (over) confident that we could make the presentation well. So karthik said not to do any rehearsal. By the way karthik is one of thick friends whom I believe a lot. So I believed him  . We did not even test our presentation in the projector screen. At 17:30 pm Rakesh Godhwani who is head of IIM B alumni and he is visiting professor of IIIT B for Marketing and strategy entered and start talking about mobile OS for 1.5 hours. At that time I realized we missed some of the key points. But we could not do anything. We had a break after his talk. Again we prepared well with collar mike and laser pointer. But we wanted to keep our presentation surprise to audience so we did not test in front of them. We paid the price for that.

When I started my ppt all my design went bad in college system. We were upset and we started continuing. Unfortunately we did not add enough information about broadband. So we were screwed.Rakesh Godhwani said he was not happy with our presentation. This is the one of the worst days in my life.

Good day

I and Karthik learn a lot

1. Should not be over confident
2. Should not underestimate the situation
3. Test the presentation thoroughly before projecting
4. Preparation is necessary
5. Its all time dependent 

This was the great opportunity we had to learn from our mistakes. But we worried because it happened at the cost of Group 4 team members.I hope i would change me here after if not i will pay the price again !!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Positive side of recession

Recession - The word which is uttered thousands of times every day from TV shows to Tea shop bench for the past one year. Starting from CEO of a company to temple priest everyone suffers from recession. In this situation the reader may feel bad about me if I say the recession is positive. But it is. I will explain in this article.

So what is recession? Economy undergoes different life cycles, one of them is recession. In this period inflation is high, people standard of living will be relatively low, business people stop spending or expanding their business and most important thing is unemployment crisis. This is why we face tough situation during recession.

How does this affect many?

US started suffering from recession. The companies In US started conserving money by not spending money. In most of the case the Information Technology is the one of the most expensive investment for core business people. For example Banking, Airlines, Health care etc… apart from investing in their core business they invest on Information Technology for supporting their core business. So in order to conserve their money they first try to stop investing on IT even though it is the most valuable supporting department. Gradually US reduces employment in IT industry. Of course , non-US people would be sent to their home country. In this case most of the time Indians part is more. On-site Indians will return to offshore!!! . (On-site generally refers to people working in Indian companies for US companies in US , off-shore refers to working in Indian companies in India for US Company). Then what will happen to off-shore people ? in most of the scenario these people will be sent home straight away or will be put in bench.(Bench is getting salary by not doing any significant work for company). If somebody is not contributing for company obviously he will be a liability to that company hence will be sent home. This is an indirect way of pink slipping people. This process will down the software people. If software people get affected , consumer electronics – telecom industry – automobile industry – restaurant – cinema theatre – pubs and even temples get affected So people in all industry get affected. It is like a dead lock situation. Core businesses stop IT and IT stops core businesses. If one industry comes back then most of the industries will be back.

How recession will be boon ?

Above I mentioned the bad impact of recession, but if you scrutinize the things we can see recession is not a pit it is just a speed breaker. Speed breaker helps us to control our speed and avoids accident. The same way if the economic grows with high speed there must a speed breaker to protect the world from accidents such as inflation , rich-poor gap etc..

When economy is high, many people get easily placed and go for the job without motivation. For them job is not a great thing. On the other hand during recession, people get the job in difficulty and realize the importance of work. For them work will be worship!!!

In recession , people value money !!! This is most important thing.

During recession the rich-poor gap gets reduced. This is really an important attribute for the nation. If all are in same plane there will not be much law-breaking activities happen in nation.

Last but not least , recession is needed for the world. It should not continue for more than year. I Know whoever reads gets angry on me , I am sorry for this article. This article is written for showing the other side which is positive side of the ‘recession coin’

Thanks expecting comments !!!