Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worst day in my life till now !!!

In Marketing and Strategy class we were asked to present a topic on a telecom company. Our group which consists of Jag , Raki , Kavitha , komail , keerthika , karira , vanoj ,karunakar,Kranti and ‘karthik and me’ . The topic was given on Wednesday and we had to present the topic on Friday. Two days were short.Ofcourse people generally say even if it is seven days we would start from 2 days before the presentation. But my view on this is , a normal human being always starts working last 20 % of the time. But in our case we started earlier on Wednesday night itself.
Karthik and I decided to represent for Group 4. Everyone agreed and we started our presentation work on Thursday Evening. We decided the topic about ‘Vodafone in India’. We thought we had gathered enough information from team members.

Black Friday

On the day of presentation, I and karthik dressed neatly and we were very (over) confident that we could make the presentation well. So karthik said not to do any rehearsal. By the way karthik is one of thick friends whom I believe a lot. So I believed him  . We did not even test our presentation in the projector screen. At 17:30 pm Rakesh Godhwani who is head of IIM B alumni and he is visiting professor of IIIT B for Marketing and strategy entered and start talking about mobile OS for 1.5 hours. At that time I realized we missed some of the key points. But we could not do anything. We had a break after his talk. Again we prepared well with collar mike and laser pointer. But we wanted to keep our presentation surprise to audience so we did not test in front of them. We paid the price for that.

When I started my ppt all my design went bad in college system. We were upset and we started continuing. Unfortunately we did not add enough information about broadband. So we were screwed.Rakesh Godhwani said he was not happy with our presentation. This is the one of the worst days in my life.

Good day

I and Karthik learn a lot

1. Should not be over confident
2. Should not underestimate the situation
3. Test the presentation thoroughly before projecting
4. Preparation is necessary
5. Its all time dependent 

This was the great opportunity we had to learn from our mistakes. But we worried because it happened at the cost of Group 4 team members.I hope i would change me here after if not i will pay the price again !!!


Karthik.R said...

I am that 'Karthik' :)

Yeah it was a bad day.

Though i didn't take it much to my heart, i have that incident pricking the corner of my mind.

We could have been far better.

I still couldn't believe that it was me and Jithu who stumbled that day.

All price to over-confidence and bad-time!

Dreams said...

Dn't worry guys it happens sometime.Dn't take anything of marketing & strategy class by heart.Its rightly said "Time is best teacher".It was a lesson for entire class which jithendrian has mentioned in his blog!