Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are we selfish for some one dies !!!

I am just an event. I am generally considered as worst event.The people who love this world hate me and the people who hate this world love me.Some people say i am the last event but some philophers and spritual leaders say i am just an event which transforms one form to another. - Yes ,i am death !!!

A bit selfishness when we cry for someone who dies !!!

When a person dies, do we worry ?? no , it depends on the person. If he is a terrorist - we think "yes his death is needed for the society" , if he is an ordinary person whom we do not know , we feel sorry but when it is very affectionate people or role model dies we cry and do worry for days. Why ?? .. we cry because we are loosing something. If our role model, or take an actor dies we would think god he has given so many good movies he will not give further !!! if a terrorist dies .. "abba... he died and we are safe here after !!!. So the emotions we are showing after any one's death is selfish.Do not blame me please think ... how many times we cried when there were bomb blasts... when i was in hexaware training in jul 2006 (Mumbai bomb blast) ,there were 100s of mumbaians in my training. Most of them worried. At first it was just a news to me once i realized that my close friend’s neighbor was killed i started worrying because my close friend cried. My close friend has done so many things and my sub-conscious provoked me to worry because he was crying. We do so many rituals to our ancestors, because we need to get their ashirvath (blessings).. we do rituals because we should not get their cursings !! in either way again it boils down to selfishness !


nikhil said...

when some one nearer and dearer dies we cry because of our love and affection to him or her. I dont think its selfish but its love and affection to that person. I think u have mixed and perhaps messed both the concepts.

jithendrian said...

Yes i agree with you. I am bit confused. My opinion is we should not cry even after one's death. Love and affection can be shown even if that person is not in this world. Its a perception !! Most of the people cry because they are loosing valuable objects / humans .

Kaushik said...

Aana onnu da...naan moochu thenara thenara page kanakkula blog ezhudhuven, ee-kaakka madhikkadhu. Nee apdi-ipdi ulaga thathuvatha ezhudhuve, adhukku odane pathu peru comment. Saar, neenga engeyo poitteenga saar.

jithendrian said...

kaushik, please do not compare me with you.Even crow flies to some height it can be an eagle. Eagle is always an eagle and crow is always a crow.You are like kamala hassan , we,people like me need to have some special knowledge to read your blog. by the way the previous blog which i wrote , its applicable to you also da !!!

SHUBHA said...

But this is a fact of life! when ppl die they carry d burden or rather the results of their doings with them.. if a person who was a threat to society thruout his life dies... it is liked by everyone... n if smone unknw to us dies...there wud b smone else to cry over him/her... its a fact! cant b helped :)

PAPPU said...

This transformation of the soul from one form to the other concept is better left in the Gita. To not be crying/feeling sad/worrying/feeling happy for someone who has died one has to give up all kinds of attachments. This is not possible for a normal human being. It is not selfishness, it is attachment.

jithendrian said...

hey Pradeep enna da kalakara !! Attachment comes only when you like something. You like something because you gain something out of that (most of the times). When you cry because you are loosing 'gain' (wow jithu !! loosing gain , you are using a good oxymoron) obviously its related to selfishness !! again opinion differs

Karthik.R said...

We drink water because we are thirsty. Oh! How much selfish we are? :)

amam selfishness dhan.

but whats wrong in that?

As Shubha said, it is a fact.

As Pappu(!?) said, it is due to attachment. But attachment can't be mapped just to selfishness. It is selflessness too. Say, our father is sick, we stay with him in hospital day and night. It is selfishness or selflessness? No son will think during that time about the gain he will get from his father in future.

Nature can't be questioned much.


Ennayum reply panna vachuttan. Vaaya kelari comments vaangardhe indha aal velaya pochu. Got his strategy? Follow that in your blogs too :) evanayaavadhu vambukku izhunga.

jithendrian said...

If you do for your friend's father it is normal , if you do for 3rd person's father it is selflessness... if you do for your father it is a kind of selfishness , because you need him much !!!

Self-interest is also a synonym for that. Anyway those are my opinions !!!

@Karthik ,
Ennaku vara kootamellam nan sekara kootam ana Kaushik vara kootam thana serara kootam