Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hardwork , Intelligence ,Smartness ,Focus proportion !!

Let I = intelligence
S = smartness
H = hard work
F = focus or concentration. Goal oriented
Given these parameters, surviving in this world or sustaining
Su = f (I, S, H,F)
Su = a* I + b * S + c * H + d * F;
Where a + b + c + d = 1;

it means when a man wants to survive in this world , which is the right proportion to survive. I assume in this blog surviving = sustaining.
Consider somebody says a, b, c, d, e are all equal for a man to lead survive in all conditions.
Su = 0.25 I + 0.25 S + 0.25 H + 0.25 F;
Let us define each parameter
Intelligent: - Intelligent, here referred as raw talent which means no prior trained mind to work on a problem .An intelligent person ,here can also be defined as a person who has bare minimum knowledge about the concept but he is brilliant enough to partially solve the problem based on some logical deduction and analytical mind.
Smartness: - Smartness , This is also referred as having good networking skills etc..If a problem is given to him , first he finds who are all the person he can contact and complete the work without working hard and without using his intelligence much.( Intelligence means Pure intelligence, Hard work means pure hard work because getting work done also need bit intelligence  and bit hard work ) .(Some people define smartness as riding on others back :) )
Hard work: - Hard working person is referred as a person who are laborious. If a problem is given to him he sincerely starts working for hours and hours , finally completes using his little intelligence and smartness.
Focus: - Focused Person here referred to a person who concerns about the result. His focus is full of completion of work in time with minimum intelligence, smartness and hard work.
Readers can suggest and readers can give few more parameters and definitions.Even i would be happy if readers give the new definitions for what i consider as intelligent , hard work, smart and focus.


Sweetu said...

Hi Jithu,
A good one from your diary :) !!

But my viewpoint differ a lil bit in case of Focused person.
I guess instead of minimum intelligence, smartness and hard work, a focused person has such streamlined focus that he does not care for the amount of Hardwork/Intelligence/Smartness he has to put in for completing the task. He would give it all and achieve his target.

SHUBHA said...

I will define a "focussed" person as : one who is truly dedicated to a problem solving activity, finds out WHAT he has to do and HOW to do it gradually follows!! Ofcourse he is confident and has determination.About intelligence, this is the gift good lrd has bestowed equally among all human beings, most of them do not know how to make use of the gift. :) I believe those who work hard try hard to use their intelligence, they may be too intelligent/High IQ and still work hard bcoz they r focussed :) Intelligent ppl who do not work hard and are not focussed may be happy go lucky to an extent, but their overall progress stagnates after a point of time... What is d use???

Sundar said...

There is something called 'FLOW'. Its a state of mind where we are totally immersed in an activity. We see them often.
1. A mother handling a child with total devotion.
2. A bus driver maneuvering through traffic with excellence.
3. A teacher deeply engaged in a class.
4. A musician fully immersed in what she is doing.
5. A sportsman playing a extraordinary game.
6. A scientist throughly losing the essence of time in her lab.
7. A doctor performing a complex surgery.

And finally Jithu thinking hard for the next blog :-)

To me, its a total immersion of mind and body for one cause.

There is an article in wiki about flow, which gives more information on it.

Sundar said...

For thriving (not mere surviving) in life, we need just the flow.