Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life always asks us to Optimize !!! Part 1

During LKG we had to trade-off between parents’ affection and learning in school.
Optimize ( Parent Affection , Learning)
Better schools far from our house unfortunately!! We should trade off between comfort and better education.
Optimize (Good Education , Comfortness)
From our child hood , life asks us to optimize our priority.
There are some vital optimization is needed in life ..
In this world most of the scenarios are like a + b <= constant.
So both a and b together try to attain the constant first.
Now the equation becomes
a + b = constant
Here is the check. Whether a should be high or b should be high or both should be same !!! This is called trade-offs
Arrogance (a) Vs Submissive (b)
People generally tell optimizing these two called assertiveness. The amount of assertiveness varies from person to person. As per the definition the assertiveness is a win-win situation. Like a = b = 0.5 * constant
Optimize (Arrogance , Submissive)
Bachelor life Vs Marriage Life :- Bachelor life means freedom . Enjoyment etc... but we can not stay as a bachelor forever. Marriage life means responsibility, give-and-take , emotionally bounded to family etc.. Both has advantages and disadvantages. It’s very difficult for anyone to be a bachelor for long time especially in Indian society. There should be a tradeoff between getting married and not getting married. Age = a , Settlement = s , Probability of getting Good spouse = g and constant k
g=k* s/a
As per the above statement as the age increases probability of getting good spouse is decreased
s α a this is an important constraint. I.e settlement is directly proportional to age in most of the cases.
Total confusion. We get good spouse only when we settle well. We get settled well after some age . When we take time to settle we do not get good spouse
Optimize (Age, Settlement, Good Spouse)


mshreedhaaran said...

In mathematics and computer science, optimization, or mathematical programming, refers to choosing the best element from some set of available alternatives. - wiki.

This post could have been made a little simpler.

jithendrian said...

Murali , Super comment :) (Balu nradhu unga peru , thevar nthrathu neenga vangina pattama !! appadi ketta pola iruku ) Dont give bribe and dont get bribe , itha vecha indiannu oru 3 hrs padam edukkumbhothu ... nan oru pacha mannu nan ithu kooda pannakoodhatha !!