Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Six months !!

Excitement, thrilling, tension, changes, emotional attacks what else.. Everything within six months is definitely an amazing and life time experience!!

Marriage or Higher Studies??

You know, there is one famous proverb “If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. Two hares are nothing but PhD and marriage!! My family wanted me to go for marriage and I wished to apply for PhD. They started looking for a girl and I started looking for PhD admission. It is typically a situation for arranged vs love marriage :)
Both, getting an experience from good research centre and marrying a girl with good looking, well educated and good family background are two good opportunities at the same time !! I decided to go for marriage as well as for research engineer position at NTU, Singapore. I know leaving a great organization like ABB Research and going to a new place where I do not know whether I will be getting PhD admission immediately, is a risk and saying "yes" to marriage is an another risk !!

My philosophy is simple "more risk leads to more incentive if we play the game carefully* :) "
*- carefully is subjective

By the way my would-be name is "Nithya"
Betrothal was arranged very well and I enjoyed many moments especially when my cousins and friends were pulling my legs :) most important thing there were definitely some happy faces of family members. My anna is the one who is behind all these things from my side. As per proverb "Jyeshta bratha pithru samaha" (Elder brother is equivalent to Father) and it is absolutely true in my case.. Nithya appa introduced me to many of his relatives I was thinking how to explain if they asked what I was doing then !! Because I resigned ABB and I could not explain everything about Intellisys (NTU)... Apart from these things four major questions running in my mind
  • I have to be more responsible !!, can I be ?
  • My brother under went surgery, when will he get recovered ?
  • What am I going to do in NTU ? and
  • ABB relieving ?
I do not know whether Nithya is confident on her or on me, To my surprise, Nithya was very cool and kept on telling me to smile.. I know she struggled a bit to make me smile which is supposed to be my unique selling point ! Finally my betrothal got over in a grand way, thanks to all who attended and blessed ! Received blessings from great people and received garland from many temples !
Leaving ABB, collegues and Friends !!

ABB research experience is definitely a launching pad for my research career. I learnt many things and earned many great friends. It is really hard to say bye to people with whom I had spent good amount of time by working, interacting and regularly going for coffee, movies, tea etc.. especially rama mami coffee !! Yes I was bit emotional but life has to go on !! I also miss Raghu uncle and his family ( who use to give me food all three times )..
Next is Bangalore, Bangalore is the place which exposed me to the modern world and I consider this three years is definitely a good period for me !! Will miss Chennai - Bangalore week end visits !!

NTU and Singapore

On the day of February 14, I got a good and surprise gift from my would-be and with the joy my first journey to foreign land started !! First few days I was alone and you know, it is very rare "jithu being alone" !! Yes, but I enjoyed as well as bit suffered for being alone.. I got to know about the train system, shuttle and few places in Singapore. In the initial stages, I wanted to get rid of loneliness and found the way that spending time in facebook !! To my expectation yes I was accompanied by many in facebook.. The next week after my coming to Singapore, my under graduate close friend Arun was back to Singapore and for the past two weekends we have been moving around the city. Sometimes I spend time in few exercises and activities .. !! Now I am happy that I am active, independent and gaining confidence !!

Now I have to concentrate on my RESEARCH :)

My next goal is

Now its everything depends on my marriage life.. to achieve what I desire and what I deserve, I pray and seek blessings from almighty, well wishers and good people !!

Thanks for reading
एकं जीवनम्, एकः अवसरः
One life one chance

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Karthik.R said...

You blog only when you are alone! ;)

So I wish you happy blogging till your marriage.

Meanwhile it was nice to read complete 6 months brought into a post.