Sunday, May 15, 2011

Religious or Good People !!!

A general analysis of Religious people and Good people

Religious and Good people : This is our assumption and some of the cases it is true. Let me explain this, when we read scriptures our sub-conscious mind observe the good deeds mentioned in the scriptures. Secondly, these people want to be discipline enough to make themselves clean physically and mentally. This is the main reason why religious people are supposed to be good and almost altruist in nature !!

Religious and Bad people: These kind of people are pretentious most of the time. I mean to say as per the claim mentioned in the above example 'Religious people are good' these people want to be religious in order to keep them in the shade of goodness. These people spend 50 % of the life in hidding their bad and 50 % of the life want to pretend to be good !! Some priests are into problems when they are caught because they are in this category !! One very great advantage in this category is , though people are bad but due to religious pretension they are not harmful to the society most of the time. (Here I am not talking about terrorist who go for religious activities and killing 1000s)

Non-Religious and Bad people : This is the category where most of the people want to avoid and should avoid. This is obvious, If you are not religious and if you are not good then it is dangerous to you as well as for the society.

Non-Religious good people : This is a rare case. This is what some times much helpful. These kind of people go beyond the religious, region and race to help needy people. One biggest advantage in this category is most of the time they are truthful to the society and they take care of social activities well because they do not need to hide the fact. Atheists can come under this category. But one of the slight differences between atheist and non-religious good people, NRGP do not disturb people who do religious activities.

So shall we conclude that first and final categories are better than other two. So whether we are religious or not we must be good. Religious activities should help us to become more good (better) and not in other way round such as narrow minded, pretentious personality!!


shsmani said...

You have mentioned in your article that "this is the difference between atheist and non religious good people" so are you implying that atheist aren't people of good nature?

jithendrian said...

hehehe.. atheists do not follow religious activities and want people to follow them .. but i have not mentioned they are bad.. in the blog context, I mentioned 'non-religious good people, though they are not religious they do not disturb others'

jithendrian said...

@Mani : Changed as per your comments