Thursday, February 4, 2010

Be strong in basics !!!

Go back to School days and retrieve basics !!
I am going through books from 9 th standard to 12 th standard. Excellent books. It reminds me my school days. I studied in state-board school. I concentrated more on mathematics than other subjects. When I was going through ‘properties of matter’
I was thinking for 15 min about those things.We have lots of subjects in college level to study.How does it matter to read school books. Yes it matters. Starting from attraction between the particles inside an atoms which decide solids , liquids , gases with respect to state and electrical conductor , heat conductor with respect to Electricity !! Yes I admire the way it was written. It paved me the path to think about electro-static force between two charged particles , hysteresis etc…
I am studying now in 9th standard science book 1st lesson .
I would suggest people go through basics , i.e to our school days and start reading. It will give you mental pleasure and we can feel today’s computer science(base from silicon) , wireless networks (electromagnetic waves using properties of waves ) and we can wonder how these fields are emerged and especially the curriculum our government keeps to step up us from basic science to computer science !!!
I learnt from my one of the favorite professors of IIIT Bangalore Dr.G N S Prasanna,MIT,US that If we are strong in Physics/science and Mathematics we can rule the technical world. He has more than 15 patents in all the fields from combinatorial game IChess to Magnetics in Robotics. I admire him !!
We should be strong in basics which is like a land and our engineering concepts are like buildings. In general land is more valuable than buildings !!


Muralidhar said...

hmmm...a good point for some has required so many years for you to appreciate what was prescribed as study material for 9th standard???? At least you attempted to go through it now, but very bad that I still havent had the interest to do so !! Ideally, a 9th standard student should appreciate this when he studies and thats when he enjoys and learns it. But our schools have a different requirement - study for marks.
Please watch "3 Idiots". I was very impressed !! it definitely has a message on similar lines.

jithendrian said...

Thanks Murali , Yes i have seen 3 idiots . Really it has conveyed good message. You are right, Our college admission systems tempt us to score marks. And you know i scored 1157 in 12 th std. After that only i gained respect among my relations and it last till my sister she is 2 years younger to me scored 1159 !!! At least we should not let it happen for our next generation.

Sidharth N.Kashyap said...

@jith ..

3 idiots samajh me aa gaya kya ... omg .. aapto balaptkari insaan hain :) ..

jithendrian said...

sidhardh .. main abhi hindi pahla kakshya books pat rahan hoon .. agar main complete karna tho tumko hindi mein sahi reply karoonga !! teekhe !!!