Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Personalities always are not satisfied !!

Disclaimers :- All characters and All names are imaginary

Ram and Krishna are two friends. Ram is a mediocre student and always is happy with what he gets. Krishna is an extra ordinary student who always seeks respect from others and most of the time he curses the situation.

Krishna :- Ram , what is your aim ?
Ram :- My aim is to become a Doctor.
Krishna :- What ?? Doctor , well good choice . In case if you do not Medical seat ??
Ram :- I will go for Bsc..
Krishna :- People respect professionals than an ordinary degree holder.
Ram :- What you are is not important How you are is important !!! BTW what is your aim ?
Krishna :- I want to be a Computer Scientist.
Ram :- Good choice !!

After final exam , Results are out ...

Ram scores 90 % and Krishna scored 97 % .
Krishna :- Medicine needs more than 98 % . That's why i told you take mathematics group. You miss Engineering now

Ram :- Yeah i know. I am going to take Bsc Phy in St.Joseph Arts college. What about you ??
Krishna :- I am going to take Electronics and Communication in NIT.
Ram :- You told you want to be a Computer Scientist.
Krishna :- See, Software is down. People do not respect Software people !! So I would take Telecommunication.
Ram :- What you are choosing is not important but how you are studying is !!
Krishna :- Enough !!

After 4 years , Ram completed his Bsc and has done 1 year NIIT course and placed in Infosys. Krishna completed his Electronics and Communication and placed in Infosys.

Both are undergoing training in Mysore Infosys Campus.

Ram :- Hey , Krishna , nice to meet you here .
Krishna :- I too feel the same.
Ram :- You have chosen Telecommunication and told software is down.
Krishna :- Yes , Nowadays people respect a person who has money so I have chosen Software !!

Ram joined as a tester in Chennai and Krishna joined as a Developer in Bangalore.

Krishna :- Ram , I have got into Development and i heard you got into Testing !! Oh i pity u, People do not respect Testers !! See me , I got into a good development project !!
Ram :- I will do my best as Tester. Nothing is bad.
Krishna :- Will meet you when i come to Chennai. If you come Bangalore you call me.

After 2.5 years

Ram becomes Test lead and he is sent to Infosys, US

People start asking Krishna that as a graduate of NIT Suratkal that too electonics and communication it is not good to work as a software engineer in infosys. So Krishna wants to be back to his domain (Electronics and Communication ) and applies for MS in Florida University. He gets MS in Wireless Communication.

After 5 years

Ram becomes Quality Engineer , Infosys
Krishna scores 4 pointer in MS and Krishna gets into CISCO,Bangalore product development department.

After 8 years

Ram resigns and joins CTS as Product Delivering Manager.
People start asking Krishna that why he is still in CISCO , since he has good background why can't he choose PhD.
Krishna feels PhD is more respectable so he joins PhD in IIIT Bangalore :)

After 15 years

Ram becomes a Quality Control Head of CTS , India
Krishna becomes a Research lead in Qualcomm. India.. He starts feeling working as a researcher in ISRO , HAL will be more respectable ...

After 20 years

Ram becomes Quality Department head of Asia Pacific , Wipro
Krishna becomes ISRO research head . Now he feels people respect College Professors than an ISRO scientist after 'Chandrayan' lost :)

After 25 years

Ram becomes Vice-President of WIPRO
Krishna now is in IIT Madras Professor. He enjoys and student and people respect him a lot !!

After 30 years

Ram becomes CEO of Wipro and Media starts telecasting him every day about the Software Industry.

Krishna's wife and Relative :- See Krishna , how your friend is coming in Television !! People respect him a lot !!

After 35 years

Krishna become dean in IIT Madras. Both Ram and Krishna meet in an occasion.

Ram :- Hi Krishna , nice to see you as a professor. The most respectable job.
Krishna :- Even i also thought like that , but you are coming in TVs , newspaper etc... But i am not respected well!!

Ram :- Hey , Do not always curse the situation . Respect is what we feel and not what others give. From the child hood i have been seeing you , you are always considering others view. Please do not do this.

We both are same. As a CEO I am giving jobs to 1000's of people and as a Prof. You are giving education to 1000's of people so both should be satisfied. Both are respectable jobs in case all the jobs are respectable if we do sincerely. So what you are doing is not important and how you are doing is important !!!

Krishna thought for a moment from the child hood , he studied in NIT , Devolper in Infosys , MS in Florida , CISCO Product Developer , PhD in IIIT B , Research in Qualcomm , Research Head in ISRO , Dean in IIT Madras ... Still he feels he is not in respectable position.He realized that he is always unhappy and feels he is not respected well in the society irrespective of where ever he is and what ever he is !!! He wants to Invite Ram to advice his students. Ram enters into the class and ask people what do they want to be .. One student says he wants to be a Computer Scientist . Ram asks him why ?? Student says 'People respect Computer Scientist than a Software Professional !!! “ Ram and Krishna laugh :)


Karthik.R said...

A nice post nailing on the top 10 percentile of students' life.

The ending was very good.

Just extending the post. Success by itself has no definition. Acc to me, one who feels satisfied with what he has is a successful man.

People always confuse this with some intermediate success. Say, ppl think, doing a BTech in IIT is a success but doing BTech in some self financing engg college is not a success. These are intermediate successes and that too at others' perception.

Ultimate success is something else.

So be satisfied. Live life happy!

Senthil said...

Bad. Try to improve

jithendrian said...

Thanks for your bad comment !! :) I will improve from my side and you also do the same

jithendrian said...

Karthik , yes i agree with you. We should be happy always. Destination decides our happiness and we decide our destination :)

Arunkumar KS said...

Good one G2... Like the way you have penned it down... :)

jithendrian said...

Thanks KS .. you remember we use to talk about our career in Hexaware :)

nikhil said...

Nice blog Jitu, thats why I keep tab on your posts!!!
I think thats true, success is something a person has to perceive himself...

Muralidhar said...

quite good..

just wanted to tell you that you should keep track of the timeline when you narrate sequence of events like this.
Assuming they are 16 years after their XII standard.
4 years for B.Sc. + NIIT :)
That makes it 20 years.
after 2.5 yrs, he is sent to US - Thats 22.5yrs.
Thereafter you should have maintained the number of years for each event and not switched to the cumulative. Thats a little confusing..
Obviously the timelines are not for each event, or he wouldnt have lived for 120+ yrs :)

Wish Ram had given that bit of advice after College and not after 35 years :)

nice post though.


jithendrian said...

Yeah Murali i agree with respect to chronological errors , Timeline is not needed much ..but i mentioned time line to get feel for the individual growth of two different personalities ..Thanks Murali for reading closely ..

BPK said...

Well thought Jithendrian :) ur post has one of the answers im looking for about the mindset of people about career.

Senthil said...

If you expect that I would reply for your 'bad comment' remarks, sorry, I am gonna disappoint you. The reasons for the same are already discussed to its death, a sample one can be seen in the below link.

BTW, are you choosy in picking names? The character names in this article provokes me to ask you some questions. But I prefer not to ask now.

jithendrian said...

@ Senthil I have not done enough literature survey and do not need to before writing the blog..

Second thing :- Bad comment in the sense , if you comment bad about something then you should tell where the 'bad is' otherwise its an useless comment. Ok fine if you say the entire blog is bad. May be yes from your perspective..

Anyway i have gone through the link its good .. but its not relevant actually ... If you read closely ...

Are you satisfied now ??

WRT choosing names .. i am bit narrow minded personality so that i am unable to think more than Ram,Krishna,Laxman etc.. I think names do not matter !! Its just an identity ...

Are you satisfied ??

Senthil said...

you know, I hate arguments. Still I am replying now because I read one of your article about phobia today and I liked it. I like your courage and honesty to admit it, though i will read that blog again.

Form your reply:
a) Regd 1st para, I didn't ask you.
b) Regd 2nd para, Glad that you figured it out. You can add certainty about 'may be'.
c) Regd 3rd para, If I were you, i would have read that blog again.
d) Regd 4th para, It doesn't matter here and is completely irrelevant here.
e) regd 5th, I like your reply.
f) Regd 6th, Read d) again.

I would like to speak more to you just because i have read your phobia blog, but discussing in the forum is not convenient i think.