Wednesday, March 4, 2009

India is a billion strong or billion weak

India, One-billion strong or One-billion weak (this is two year old article ... it was written in mid of 2007)

One Billion! India has one sixth of the world population still it is only a developing country. It shows that India is not using people properly. It is agreed that today’s youth are used better than the youth were used a few decades back, According to our honorable president and a youth icon Dr.Abdul Kalam “We must think and act like a nation of a billion people and not like that of a million people. Dream, dream, dream!” Each and every person should realize his /her responsibility to get to an opportunity and also provide opportunity to others. India is One-billion strong if and only if the people are used properly. In this article I will portray the roles of the people who can make us strong.
First we start with Entrepreneurs who can make the nation strong by providing opportunity to the people. For example, N.R. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys Technologies Limited, who graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the National Institute of Engineering, University of Mysore in 1967 after attending government school, and received his master's degree from IIT Kanpur in 1969.If he had not thought about Infosys then thousands of youth talent would have been wasted and not used properly. India is now considered to be the one of the best software exports in the world. Like him there are so many entrepreneurs finding the talents and giving opportunities. Today’s youth also grasp that opportunity and produce good results to the industries. It is not very easy to develop a country like India which has 1 billion people with different back grounds but it is possible if we have top-class leaders. Leaders should play a vital role to develop any nation .We had Mahathma Gandhi who united the entire nation when there was no technological advancements like telephone, computer etc . Then why can’t we have a great leader who can unite the nation with so many technological advancements. Strength or weakness of a country mostly depends on the development in science and technology department and agricultural department. Fusing the highly developed technology with agricultural (which is considered to be undeveloped department ) will definitely bring up the nation . Entrepreneurs should think in several ways how can they utilize the people and technology together to bring up the nation .
Second , Teaching is one of the noblest professionals yet in India we don’t have many great teachers. Teachers can produce so many great people to the nation . Today many great people who have teaching skills don’t want to enter into this profession because it is not a lucrative job . Institutes in India should be service-oriented and not as business-oriented. I agree that infra-structure of the institute can be improvised only by getting fund from the people but Institute should also admit the qualified students and qualified professors . In many colleges in India , the students don’t have much practical exposure but they are theoretically good. They simply read from the prescribed text book by the respective university and produce the same in the answer-sheet. According to Microsoft Corporation's Chief Technical Officer Craig Mundie”India does not produce enough computer engineers and those it does are good at theory but not very well equipped to handle the practical aspects” . It is not only applicable to Computer department but also to all departments.
Third , our Honorable Politicians , who are considered to be the one of the pillars of the nation . Do they do well ? in every one’s mind this question always arises. No, they don’t do well up to the mark . They are capable of doing so many things to bring up the nation. What is the hindrance for them to bring up ? the main hindrance is that they don’t know the value of talent , value of people . Most of the politicians are not from good back-ground. They don’t know the essence of education. They want to gather votes by supporting their community. Even we can appreciate if each and every politician thinks to bring their community up and as a whole they can develop the entire nation. But it is not the case in India , for example in reservation quota Politicians want to elevate OBC , we must appreciate but there is no valid procedure . In recent occurring , in Rajasthan we experienced the issue related to naming the Gujjar caste to SC. These things show that still our India lacks in managing the people
Next is the best attractive section in the world, yes, Film Industry!. There are so many good films portray the success of unknown talents. For example in the film “Lagaan (Tax) “ there is a must-win situation for village people who don’t know the basic cricket against the English people who play extraordinary cricket . Amir Khan who is the hero brings the people, finds the talent from each and every one and makes them to realize the roles of each one and finally win against British. This is the best example for a leader who can succeed by bringing up the people who are considered as worthless. Even though it is just a cinema still many people can take the moral of the film and proceed according to that.

Indians can survive in any part of the world. Indians can adopt to any situation. Indians are honest people, they respect others. Indians can learn any thing. Indians are brought up in such a manner that any subject we can grasp and comprehend. Competition in India is very much high. For MBA degree in IIMs , CAT is the entrance exam and For BTech in IIT , JEE is the entrance exam which are considered to be the toughest exams in the world for PG and UG respectively because many lacks of people competing for only few thousands of seats .
India’s contribution to the world is enormous.Sabeer Bhatia who was born in Chandigarh who is the founder of Hotmail which is one of the best web based e-mail services. Steel Tycoon Mr.Lakshmi Mittal who was born in Rajasthan is a London based industrialist and fifth richest man in the world.Mr.Amartya San,Ecomonist Mr. Salman Rushdie, writer and so on. India has produced many stars in different fields . In Film Industry best music director A R Rehmann (Tamil Nadu) In Chess Vishwanath Anand (Tamil Nadu) , In Tennis Sania Mirza (Andhra) , What is the difference between these achievers and non-achievers ? They got at least one of the following: - Opportunity, Teacher (Guide) , Role model . If the all people in India get at least one of them they can shine very well.
we can say “India is One-Billion Strong if we have good Entrepreneurs , great teachers , best politicians and excellent role models who can give the new dimension to the nation otherwise India is One-billion weak “

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