Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Economic Crisis

Last two decades, India has been exporting software and last decade, decrease in Indian rupee use to have good impact much, because quantity (in dollars) of exports (software) is greater than quantity of imports (in dollars).

But, now decrease in rupee value creates issue because of

1) We import more (oil, cosmetics, food items etc..) compare to exports (Softwares and other products)
2) Our deficit is in dollar rather than in rupees to the world bank
3) Decrease in rupees creates instability and  investment unfriendliness for the foreign companies..

I am in Singapore (1 SGD = 39 Rs (Feb) and now 1 SGD = 43 Rs (May)), I should be happy but I can not be happy and I can not enjoy/ diggest the drastic decrease in Indian rupee..  India does not deserve to be in this situation !! 

Around 300 million Indians are getting benefited because of liberalization in the year 1991, credit goes to Dr. Manmohan singh. PM (Pranab Mukharjee) , please do something with the help of PM (Prime minister) !!

Am I right ?

Vande Mataram and Bharath Matha Ki Jai !!

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