Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spritual Wave - my experience in two weeks !!!

One fine day I was searching for 'dasavathara stothram' , the great google search engine directed me to website then I started chanting some of the slokas , then I was curious to know the meaning of the slokas. I got a websit which helped to know the meaning. I was totally impressed by the way swami desikar presented the slokas .. I could not even read the slokas effectively , it was very difficult !! According to me swami deshika is 'ring finger ' .(Kalidasa is called as kanista angulya , it means little finger. in those days when some one asked to count number of sanskrit pundits/poets , first count is kalidasa using litte finger but people could not name after kalidasa thats why our ring finger name is anamika - no name !!) From the day I got inspiration from desikar I was eager to know about him a lot . Fortunately with in two to three days I got an opportunity to visit Melkote where swami desikar and ramanujar had spent significant number of years !! Thanks to sadagopan sir and chandra mami (Mrs.sadagopan sir) for this. It fueled my curiousity. Then I decided to go to Kanchipuram to learn about his history and gather plethora of information(of course we can do it in net) but I know some scholars in kanchipuram who can tell about him crystal clearly.( Source of Melkote picture : from my senior Mr. Raghuram )
My brother is a great devotee of Swami ramanujar and Swami desikar . In my home u can see many photos of these two personalities.I am not as spritual as him. I generally tell slokas when I am forced to.I came to chennai on Saturday morning. (16/10/2010). He told me to take bath and asked me to participate in saraswathi pooja. In the pooja table some of desikar sloka books were placed. I wondered and asusual without showing interest too much I started keeping kumkum and manjal to the books for pooja. My mother told me those books (desikar books) were kept to tell slokas. I was perplexed and as many people know nowadays I have started questioning more !! so i asked her 'generally we tell slokas to saraswathi and I heard some where that hayagrivar is the teacher for saraswathi , but why should we tell desikar sloka '. I thought myself when people asked me to do ganapathi pooja I chanted purusha suktham in between to fill the gap !!! Like that my brother wanted to tell desikar sloka. But for the clarification I asked her again. She replied 'today puratasi thiruvonam'. Then I realized 'Oh .. Today is our swami desikar's thirunakshathiram' . My brother and I started 'saraswathi pooja' .. Dasavathara stotram , Sudharshana astakam etc.. and ended with desika mangalam. All reminded me , my school days , I asked my mother to go for 'THUPUL' where swami was incarnated. My mother was very happy because according to her I am the one of the most un-spritual personalities who never take strain to visit temples. Since my brother had some work in office he could not come. I and my mother started for Kanchipuram.

I am always excited when I go to kanchipuram because It is ambi-cultural environment (i.e we can feel both modern and ancient entities there ). We went to our perimmas home. Evening we went to Varadharajar koil. Wow !!! Mamas,boys in veshtis, panchakajam , 12 thirumans , kudumi and mamis,girls in madisar , saree , half sarees !! That environment conveyed me that modern Indianization is at the peak !! I participated in swami desikar uthsavam. I joined my two hands and prayed Swami desikar and he was doing the same to Varadarajar and Thayar who were opposite to him. I hope principle of reflection should hold good here too (means reflecting my prayer to varadarajar by desikar). The entire crowd started telling 'sudharshana ashtakam'. Amazing , perfect synchronisation in the chorus ..Suddenly to my surprise , Mrs.Anantha Padmanabachari (Revathi) and Anantha Padmanabachari were next to me. Mrs. Revathi identified me and called by name. Of course she was my brothers classmate and Mr.Anantha Padmanabachari was my sanskrit teacher. They spent a pretty good amount of time with me in the amidst of a countless crowd. It may not be a great thing if it had been few years back. But today he is one of the celebrities. With heart filled with many great things , I enjoyed company of my cousin in the kanchipuram home.For this quasi-psuedo spritualist these are the bonus+profit. In computer science term these are free licensed spritual software packages and in communication terms these are free licensed dedicated spectrum for spritual wave communication !!

In short , In the amidst of working in electromagnetic waves (wireless) related things in the office I experienced spritual waves in melkote , kanchipuram for the past two weekends .. As I always say we are all planets and spritualism is our sun. we do not need to go to this closely but atleast we should move around it with out loosing the balance of centrifugal-centripetal forces !! Thanks for reading this big article and I know pretty well that I will be around sprituality without sacrificing science and logic !! I am fortunate to have people around me are also like me !!

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Karthik.R said...

Good one!

Though I have lot of atheistic inclinations, over time, I have realized the importance of spirituality (at least for others).

jithendrian said...

Karthik .
Thanks for the comment.I know you are not an atheist and you can not be. because an atheist person denies the existence of god and an agonostic person questions the existence of god !! But we question the proceedure than the source !!so you will not come under both category so only category left out is theist ... by default you come to this category.. When you give money for food to andavan ashramam I was very happy that you have shown your humanity !! Thats what swami ramanujar did a thousand years back !! By the way most of the people show te spirit for others only :)

Raghuram Ashok said...

Interesting post. Melkote has been one of my favorite places to seek solace and silence. The dark picture of the temple you used in the post is the one I shot.

jithendrian said...

Hi Raghu ,
I have taken from Google images, Just now I noticed , Thanks and sorry for using your photo without seeking permission.
Btw nice to have met you on the day "Sadagopan sir function - Rotary club"
you can check the summary of the function here , I have mentioned about you too :)

Raghuram Ashok said...

No issues.I understand it wasn't deliberate. It's a good idea to link back images used to the actual source page.

I read the post on the award ceremony and the trip to Melkote. After reading your post on Thupul, I decided to visit the same temple day before yesterday at Kanchi. It was a lovely experience. Thanks for the insight.